Education - Its Aims:

To help the child be happy and relaxed in an educational setting.

To remotivate the child into a pattern of purposeful learning.

To prepare an individual learning programme for each child which will maximise their potential.

To offer a gateway to further education and training.

Class Room - The Old School House- Friday Bridge

Education facilities will be provided at the home for all. Initially all young people will be educated on-site.

Educational approaches will be based on the premise that behavioural difficulties and /or social and emotional immaturity has meant failure to benefit from previous experiences. Many will have large gaps in their learning. The aim will be to re-motivate them into wanting to participate in educational activities and, by gearing programmes to individual needs, extend their abilities in preparation for the future. For many, this will mean an emphasis on social and practical skills. For others, where planned objectives may include a return to mainstream education, a more formal syllabus is required. All young people will be expected to follow National Curriculum guidelines, however, this may need to be differentiated. The Chartwell Group is registered for GCSE's, Entry Level Cert. ASDAN PSD and COPE and numerous nationally recognised alternative programmes of study. We have strong links with local FE colleges and mainstream schools where a number of students have successfully completed a wide range of courses, including the Pre-Uniformed Service Course, G.N.V.Q in Vehicle Mechanics and Electronic Systems, Catering and I.T. Courses.

Due to the small number of pupils on roll Chartwell House do not publish end of key stage 2 or GCSE examination results.

We also run a successful work experience programme through our links with local industry. We believe the creation of a positive work ethic to be of the highest value.


Our Objectives

To provide a safe, stable environment which:

Our Educational Aims

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