Our Approach

‘Meeting the holistic needs of young people in the 21st Century’
Continued success is based on our ability to adapt our approach to meet the young people of today.

Games Room - The Old School House- Friday Bridge

The Chartwell Group are residential special schools for boys, aged 8-16 years on entry who have a wide spectrum of needs which are difficult to address, without holistic educational, health and social environment that strongly reflects living and community involvement.

Each of our schools and residential homes are registered with Ofsted; the residential home accommodates young people between the ages of 8 -16 years. The school is registered for young people between the ages of 8 -16 years. Further education is undertaken via local colleges, work placements and alternative education packages.

We aim to provide a 24/7 curriculum (social, educational & therapeutic parenting) that meets their needs in a safe, stable environment with purposeful planned care focussing on each young person's full potential. The service we offer young people is measured by realistic measurable outcomes agreed with the placing authorities and linked to the most up to date requirements & standards from Ofsted and the Department of Education..

Each young person will have individual Education, Health & Care plan (EHCP).

Class Room - Chartwell House - NewtonWe offer a year round, 7 days a week holistic quality childcare provision, individual care plans supported by a Clinical Psychologist and individual linkworkers. Also Leaving Care Services, Work Experience, Alternative Education Programmes that can be linked with Further Education Colleges, small class numbers (maximum of 6), high staffing ratio when required along with a wide range of other social and educational interventions.

Young people do not just learn between 9am - 5pm, so we consider their education in the widest sense and offer a variety of recreational activities encompassing a wide spectrum of physical and creative opportunities. At present this includes: Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Ball Games, Cycling, Arts & Crafts, Table Tennis, Pool/Snooker, Roller Skating, and Lazerquest just to name a few. We also offer a continental activity holiday in Spain or South of France during the summer.

We offer a place where we enable young people to make sense of their early life experiences and build relationships and boundaries for safe behaviours to challenge their own individual futures.